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About LSCC

LSCC is a high-quality childcare center that promotes exploration and hands on learning experiences. Our love and passion of working with children guides our core values of creating a fun-filled, safe and loving environment that goes beyond academics to foster creativity, social and emotional development.


Our Core Values

Our center revolves around four core values:

Nurture . Safety . Play . Learn

Nurture & Safety - Our number one priority is to ensure each child is safe and loved. LSCC has low teacher to child ratio in a small class size to ensure safety and personalized care for each child. Teachers have the opportunity to give personal attention to each child's physical and emotional needs, and engage in one-on-one interaction ensuring our children are free to explore and learn in a safe and loving environment.

Play & Learn - "Play is the highest expression of human development in childhood." (Friedrich Froebel). We believe play and learning go hand and hand. Our children learn through arts & crafts, music & dance, dramatic play, outdoor play, and real life experiences such as taking a trip to the grocery store when learning about food or taking a walk to look at the different color leaves in the Fall. Our children are encouraged to play, explore, discover and interact through hands-on experience. Teachers engage students in fun-filled learning activities integrated into various disciplines including language development, reading, math, science, music, sign language, foreign language and much more! 


Our Promise

Our vision is clear and we are all on board. Our promise is

. passion for nurturing, educating and empowering children.

. commitment to meeting the demand of our community for quality child care.

. offering a hybrid of self-directed and traditional ways of learning.

. advocating "learning through play," allowing children to develop a lifelong love for learning.

. providing individualized attention and teaching techniques. 

Our Vision

We understand that parents have their hands full and sometimes there is not enough time in the day for extracurricular activities. Our vision is to provide easy access to extracurricular activities such as dance, music, language, and holiday-themed events by partnering up with different vendors in the community.

Our Staff

Our staff demonstrate great passion for teaching and inspiring children. They are loving, friendly and trained professionals, offering excellent care to our children. Children will be in the care of teachers and staff who are committed and understand that close personal attention is essential to providing quality care.

Our staff members go through extensive background checks

and are required to be CPR/First Aid certified, drug/alcohol tested and have a Child Development degree or certificate.

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