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COVID-19 Procedure

LSCC follows the OSSE, the CDC, and other local and federal guidelines and recommendations that are applicable to our center. Below is a high-level summary of some of the guidelines we follow. For more detail, please refer to “Health and Safety Guidance for Child Care Providers: Coronavirus (COVID-19) Recovery Period". As new information becomes available, these guidelines could change, be modified or deleted depending on circumstances.

Physical (Social) Distancing : Our class sizes have been reduced to 8 children or fewer per space. We do not combine or mix groups. We group the same children together each day and throughout the entire day. Placement of cots or cribs for naptime are as far apart as possible with children sleeping head to toe. We have individual labeled bins and sets of supplies to reduce the sharing of materials between children. Special events like field trips, holiday events, and meet and greet have been canceled or postponed. We reduce direct contact with families by doing door-side drop-off and pick-up of children and conducting tours virtually. We limit all outside volunteers or visitors, except adults approved to pick up or drop off enrolled children, those providing therapeutic services to a child, or essential vendors such as caterer and cleaning supply providers. Non-essential vendors drop supplies off at the front door, and when necessary, come to the back door to drop off large, heavy items. All visitors coming into the center MUST wear non-medical (cloth) face coverings including parents/guardians and staff. Children age 2 and older are encouraged to wear a face covering, when feasible, and if deemed developmentally appropriate. Such children must be able to safely use, avoid touching, and remove the covering without assistance.

Daily Health Screening: Parents/guardians must check their child’s temperature daily two hours or less before arrival to the center and complete the daily health screening questionnaire. Anyone who does not satisfy any of the criteria on the daily health screening will NOT be admitted to the center. Staff will do a “wellness check” every morning and throughout the day as needed. Children and staff MUST not come to the center if they are showing any signs of sickness.

Handwashing, Cleaning, Disinfection, and Sanitization: ​ Children are encouraged to wash their hands on a routine basis, for example, upon entering the center, before and after meals, before and after bathroom breaks, before and after changing activities, etc. Toys and soft surfaces are washed, disinfected and sanitized throughout the day. Common areas of the center are cleaned throughout the day and at the end of the day (floors, door handles, walls, doors, windows, kitchen area, etc). Teachers monitor and work closely with children to ensure that toys are not shared between children until they are washed and sanitized. In the toddler rooms teachers work closely with children to ensure children wash their hands after free play and children keep toys away from their face and mouth. 

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